Monday, August 19, 2013

Danville police chief fired

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Danville Police Chief Keith Gill Fired Son Arrested
Last week, US Marshals received a tip from about a Danville police officer named Christopher Gill. The US Marshals Service and Vigo County prosecutors obtained a warrant based on evidence supplied by for Christopher Gill's arrest. Gill was arrested at the Indianapolis airport. Two days before Gill's arrest his father former Danville police chief Keith Gill, was fired by the city of Danville. repeatedly questioned Danville city officials about the apparent nepotism in the Police Department. Our investigation demonstrated that Gill was receiving protection through his father's role as police chief. Multiple assault complaints were ignored by Danville police officials according to our investigation.
For two years has been working with Vigo County prosecutors collecting evidence on Chris Gill. We started our investigation after Gill's wife told us she received no help from Danville police officials. She complained that her husband repeatedly told her "he was above the law."
The arrest and termination of Keith Gill concludes a three-year nepotism and spousal abuse investigation. A special thanks is extended to investigator Greg Miller for his Facebook investigation of Chris Gill. Miller tipped-off authorities to Gill's location.
Our investigation also supplied a local news reporter, Karen Hensel, with all the evidence we had collected on Chris Gill.

This is how the Chris Gill story ran in the news after we supplied our evidence.

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