Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Inmate Raped by Jail Staff -Holmes County Florida

Holmes County Jail Rape Investigation from Diop Kamau on Vimeo.

 A Florida Inmate named Dale Clacks Also Known as Dale Castro was raped earlier this year by inmates in the Holmes County Florida jail. The rape was facilitated by a Florida correctional officer named Joel Patrick. Capt. Patrick opened the door for the inmates and encouraged them to engage in the sexual assault of Castro. Capt. Patrick believed that Castro was guilty of a sex crime. In addition to opening Castro's cell for the other inmates who later raped him, Capt. Patrick force Castro to drink urine from a toilet. Capt. Patrick was arrested after we filed a complaint with the Holmes County jail. We want to know why he has not been charged as an accessory to rape. Follow this story on has obtained a copy of the investigation of deputies employed by the Holmes County Sheriff office. As a result of our complaint the Sheriff's office initiated a criminal investigation which was turned over to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. The correctional officer was arrested on April 1, 2013 and charge with criminal battery on an inmate.

Among the allegations confirmed through investigation are a series of abusive acts amounting to torture and humiliation rituals. The victim of the attacks was an inmate presumed to be guilty of a sex crime. The jail staff notified inmates of the sex crime and encouraged them to assault the inmate victim. The victim was also forced to drink urine and brush his teeth with a toothbrush after scrubbing a toilet. Our investigation is continuing.

The initial interview

Followup interview


  1. so sad! Thank god she's come to the right place for justice! This makes me ill. But, I am a believer that most of the abuse nowadays is coming from the very ones that take an oath to serve and protect. It is common here in Floyd County Indiana too. They are power hungry and enjoy color of law violations. America has had enough and I help in my local area as best I can. Good luck to you and your son!

  2. I thiink they need to go visit the jails and do walk arounds oncce in a while without telling the staff,they have a wardens daughter working there,tell them to check out the inside jail,they have a jail inside the jail.And there is a couple of officers in there that are threating the inmates still. Plese go back and talk or walk around Holmes >C.I

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