Saturday, February 16, 2013

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Six months ago contacted the Suffolk County Police Department to report a complaint of sexual harassment. The Police Department took no action. And, it appears that IA attempted to bury the case. We believe we have given them sufficient time to investigate.

Yesterday, released audio recordings in our possession to ABC News. It is our hope that the story will generate sufficient public pressure to force the Suffolk County Police Department to conduct an internal investigation into the officer's conduct. The officer's identity is revealed in the video below. Apple/Mac users may not see the Video Embed. If you don't see it click here to view the story on ABC's website


ABC's Report

Stories by Jim Hoffer, News Team Eyewitness News SUFFOLK COUNTY (WABC) -- A police officer, who was supposed to help a mom on Long Island with her case, is accused of going too far. The mother shared voicemail messages only with Eyewitness News and the Suffolk police department, which launched an internal investigation. "One of them says drunken swagger, there's one in here where she's drunk and babysitting," Michele McKinney said. Facebook postings of a teenage girl's drunken exploits is the evidence Michele McKinney took to a Suffolk County Police Detective to try and clear her name. Back in 2011, Police arrested her for endangering the welfare of a child, a 14 year old girl who got so drunk at a party for McKinney's daughter that she had to be taken to the hospital. "She was told to leave my property that night," McKinney said. McKinney insists the girl was drunk when she arrived and was asked to leave. She says the teen's Facebook postings prove the minor had a history of drinking. McKinney took the postings to Suffolk County Police to try and get the charge dropped. That's where she met Detective Christopher Nealis. "Phone calls started from this detective, one after another, how he feels bad for me, he's here to help me, he wants to help me," she said. Voicemail recording: "Hey Michele, this is Chris over at the 4th, just calling to see what's going on." At first, McKinney says she thought Detective Nealis had a real interest in her case, but as the calls kept coming, she got the feeling the interest was in her. Voicemail recording: " Yeah I'm definitely looking forward to getting together with you and hopefully you know we can see how it works out." "Here's a man I thought was helping me and I said you know, I can't do this, these messages are getting ridiculous and I stopped answering the phone," McKinney said. But the calls kept coming. Voicemail recording: "Hey Michele, Chris just calling to see how your Mother's Day was& If you don't have anything planned I'll take a ride over and I'll have to give you a Mother's Day present." She says he called at least once a week for 4 to 5 months. Voicemail recording: "I'll try to give you a call in a little while to see what's going on& I'll give you a call later on and hopefully you're wearing your bikini today because it's nice and hot." The talkative detective had nothing to say to us when we approached for an interview. He slammed the door when we asked about the "bikini" voicemail. Last week, a Suffolk County District Judge ruled McKinney's case be dismissed. Meanwhile, she's waiting on the outcome of an Internal Affairs investigation into her complaint against the Detective which she filed nearly six months ago. "No information. They're still investigating," she said, adding that she did hand over the voicemails. Suffolk County Police Department tells us their Internal Affairs Bureau has been conducting a thorough investigation into Ms. McKinney's complaint. An investigation which they say is ongoing. --- If you have a tip about this or any other issue you'd like investigated, please give our tipline a call at 877-TIP-NEWS. You may also e-mail us at

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