Sunday, February 24, 2013

Ga. Trooper Justin Tabor

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WISHTV - New information in Danville officer case

U.S. Marshals arrest Danville cop at airport

Larry Merenda came to in 2009 after he was attacked by a Ga. State Trooper. The Trooper attacked Merenda after he used a curse word.

How it started.

Larry's daughter was being followed by Trooper Tabor. After the trooper turned on his emergency lights Larry's daughter pulled into her dad's business parking lot. Larry told the trooper that his daughter had financial problems. He asked if the officer could give her a break. After the officer made an insulting remark Larry responded with his own insult and turned to walk away. The trooper put Larry in a wrist lock restraint hold and arrested him for the insult. 

Is it illegal to insult the police? A federal court says no.This month a federal court refused to release the trooper from a federal lawsuit filed by Larry for the arrest. Many people would be surprised to know that Larry comes from a law enforcement family. His dad, brothers, and nephews are police officers

Ga. Trooper Justin Tabor


  1. I'm not seeing the arrest being for using a curse word. It's for obstruction. Granted it's a stretch at best and the cop is anal. But the father was acting abnormal and could have been going into the house for a gun for all the officer knew. Refusing to come back to the officer+refusing to put your hands behind your back is stupid on the fathers part. Coming from a law enforcement family he should know better. The cop could have very easily used better judgment and was not forced to arrest, just detain until the ticket was completed and be on his way safely. Basically both the cop and the father are idiots.

  2. ive met so many cops like that they just gotta assert their authority whether justified or not. i feel the cops would tell me not to let words bother me and be the bigger man and walk away. but yet they do the opposite???????????????????????

  3. Anonymous above is a MORON ! Just another cop that feels they control people. This Father could have said 1100 times that the cop could fuck himself and theres nothing he can do. I hope the judgement against him causes a FINANCIAL HARDSHIP.