Thursday, January 24, 2013

False Arrest in Fargo North Dakota

Jacob Rhealt was arrested for driving DUI after he hit a Fargo North Dakota police car. Our investigation of the accident demonstrated that the police should not have arrested Jacob. Jacob was not intoxicated. Breathalyzer and blood alcohol test proved the police erred. Nevertheless the police made press statements that Jake was drunk when he hit a Fargo police unit. Criminal charges against Jake were dismissed.

Our investigation

Given the weather conditions any competent driver in Jake's position would have found the accident unavoidable. Though the officer's lights were flashing the police unit was parked in a lane of traffic without warning signals or notifications to oncoming drivers during near zero visibility weather. The arresting officer appears to have jumped to conclusions about Jake's intoxication that were not supported by the evidence at the crime scene. Jake was injured nevertheless he was removed from his vehicle without proper medical care and arrested.

The Internal Affairs interview was mishandled. The IA officer can be heard advocating for the accused officers and disputing the complaint before the investigation was completed. It was improper.

Jake is now suing the Fargo North Dakota Police Department. paralegals assisted Jake with preparing his legal claim and our expert report supports Jake's position that the police behaved improperly. Follow this case on

Arrest Evidence Video

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