Monday, July 30, 2012

Baltimore County Police Dept

Complainant: Kashaka Olukayode
Victims: Ayinde Olukayode & Nichole Lunn
Nature of complaint: Unlawful Entry

Interview w/ Nichole Lunn


  1. The unlawfulby entry by members of Baltimore County Police Dept. was allegally retailiation to my son for filing a claim with EEOC for being
    fired by Pavser Press, in Baltimore County. We believe that allegally a Baltimore County Police had my son fired

  2. Do these people have legal assistance?if no they need one!!!

  3. The case was dismissed for Nicole Lunn, and charges of prosession for my son Ayinde. This was a forced unlawful entry. Now allegally to try to protect the police that was invovled, people that we work for are being bullied to make us loose our jobs,so that they can make us suffer