Sunday, June 3, 2012

Jules Friday-Coral Springs Police Dog Mauling

September 1, 2013 case update:

Last week Jules Friday accepted a plea deal for a misdemeanor offense. Thus far there has been no investigation by the Coral Springs Police Department into his allegations of excessive force. We are preparing a follow-up report on this case for release within the next 30 days. Please return to this post for further information.

Jules Friday Investigation

Coral Springs Police Video Evidence


  1. My prayers for healing and justice go out to
    Mr. Friday. The actions of the Coral Spring Police Department are evil, criminal and consistent with KKK behavior. The officers and those in authority that are protecting the unlawful actions of the four wicked officers should be under the jail! This is completely unacceptable! I am completely outraged by what I've read and viewed about this case. The current and long term effect (post traumatic syndrome, modern day lynching for walking while Black, inability to trust and inevitable fear of police officers, whom we as tax payers pay their salary to protect and serve all American) will have on this beautiful, kind spirited, well spoken Young Man and his family sickens me! I pray for JUSTICE! JUSTICE would be that all four officers go directly to jail for several years. In addition, Mr. Friday would receive a multimillion dollar settlement. Although, I am clear the aforementioned monetary settlement and officers arrest would and could never repay nor serve sufficient for the damages he has suffered it's a good starting place for healing.

    This case should appear on every news station!

    The community in which Mr. Friday resides, The African America Community, American Community, Human Rights Community can not let this go. We must demand JUSTICE! or the wicked lynchings and tasing demons with vicious dogs whom hide behind police badges will continue to inflict undue emotional distress, undue suffering and violent beatings as we've just witnessed. The injuries Mr. Friday sustained are consistent with injuries Black Slaves sustained when beat with whips and chains. The difference is they have police badges to beat innocent people utilizing dogs and tasers! Unbelievable!!!!!!

    This modern day lynching will continue if we do not come together and bring public awareness, change legislation, require private case of action, demand jail time and DEMAND Enforcement of the Civil Rights Law; a statute known as Section 1983 is the primary civil rights law victims of police misconduct rely upon. This law was originally passed as part of the Civil Rights Act of 1871, which was intended to curb oppressive conduct by government and private individuals participating in vigilante groups, such as the Ku Klux Klan. It is now called Section 1983 because that is where the law has been published, within Title 42, of the United States Code. Section 1983 makes it unlawful for anyone acting under the authority of state law to deprive another person of his or her rights under the Constitution or federal law. The most common claims brought against police officers are false arrest (or false imprisonment), malicious prosecution, and use of excessive or unreasonable force.

    What say ye?

    Do you have an update in this case?

    1. Yawn

    2. Car alarm went off around him and he has multiple burglaries on his record.... Whose suspect?