Friday, June 29, 2012

Seattle Cold Case Investigation Warren Williamson investigates a case 42 years old. Warren Williamson called our investigators looking for closure after King County IA investigators told him it was their job to protect the cops. Williamson has asked that we conduct a review and investigation of his internal affairs complaint against King County cop Gary C. Krueger badge #3172. After IA gave him a pass Krueger went on to murder four people. He died in one of his final treacherous acts, a home invasion robbery of a Seattle doctor's home.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Robert Smith

Rowan County Sheriff's Office

Date of incident
Nature  of Complaint
Illegal Entry into a home
Unprofessional Conduct
False Arrest

Home of the Smith Family
East Spencer, North Carolina
Details: On Feb. 12th, 2012, officers with the Rowan County Sheriff Office arrived at the home of Robert Smith, alleging to have an arrest warrant for Robert's son, Anthony - hadn't lived at the residence in over a year. This was the 2nd time in less than 9 months that officers came to Robert's home looking for Anthony. 
Just like he did in the first incident, last July, Robert advised the officers that his son does not live at the residence and hasn't for quite some time. The officers ignored Robert, as well as his repeated requests to produce a warrant and demanded that he open the door. So that the incident could be documented, Robert picked up his phone and dialed 911. He informed the dispatcher, who wasn't much help at all, about what was going on and that would not open his door without a warrant. No sooner than he could get the words out of his, the officers kicked Robert's door down and stormed into the house. After looking through the house and realizing that Robert was being truthful about his son not being there, the officers made the decision that they weren't going home empty handed and that someone would be going to jail that night. For asking to see a warrant Robert was arrested and charged with resisting/obstructing an officer and misuse of 911. 
The day after, Robert complained to the Sheriff's Office about the incident and in less than 24 hours Capt. Wyrick determined that his officer acted appropriately. 

In Wyrick's letter to the Smith Family (left), he states that his officers did not violate any policies, because where there serving "criminal arrest warrants against Robert Smith". However, the Rowan County Sheriff's Office's own records show that Capt. Wyrick's claims were false. Not only was there never a "criminal warrant" for Robert, but there wasn't one for his son either. Robert's son, Anthony, did have a warrant, however it was related to a civil matter. Nothing that would allow police to enter in this manner. Despite the Rowan County Sheriff's Office's failure to handle this situation properly, they still chose to peruse the charges against Robert Smith.

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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Jules Friday-Coral Springs Police Dog Mauling

September 1, 2013 case update:

Last week Jules Friday accepted a plea deal for a misdemeanor offense. Thus far there has been no investigation by the Coral Springs Police Department into his allegations of excessive force. We are preparing a follow-up report on this case for release within the next 30 days. Please return to this post for further information.

Jules Friday Investigation

Coral Springs Police Video Evidence